£400 – Drafting lectures in 5 areas of law

£110 – A drafting mock 

Part 1 Practice

Legal drafting

At the QLTS OSCE drafting candidates draft the whole or parts of a legal document (either from a precedent or from scratch), or amend a legal document already drafted.

Legal drafting lectures and materials

The set of videos include lectures on the legal drafting, model answers, guidelines and tips for completion of the legal drafting, and useful exercises attached. The videos and attachments provide for a common legal drafting structure applicable to any practice area.

Legal drafting mock sessions

When you understand the key points which one should know in order to succeed in the completion of legal drafting, it is crucial to practice the actual drafting under exam conditions followed by personalised feedback from tutoring solicitors. That will help candidates test their legal knowledge, check for gaps in it, and turn to focused revision.

In this regard, OSCEsmart offers you legal drafting practical mocks that simulate the exam conditions and which may be booked via our Superexam platform.

How to book legal drafting mock sessions

In order to book drafting mocks please contact us via the Question form on the left sidebar. We now schedule all the mock sessions via our Superexam platform, where you may book particular simulations in the area of law you want, choosing between different time slots at your convenience. You will have around 7 calendar days to submit your work after the date on which the assignment is scheduled. You should plan and book your mocks in advance.

Please do not book anything via this website, as we are currently transitioning from QLTS to SQE and some features, including booking, were moved to our new SQE (Superexam) platform.