The QLTS OSCE books and study materials

The OSCE part of the QLTS exam, is based on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) also known as the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice. LPC is the final vocational stage for becoming a solicitor in England and Wales. So, the LPC books and manuals are the main source to prepare for the QLTS OSCE. All of them are in open access and you may purchase them online either via amazon, ebay, directly from the publisher’s website or second-hand books from those who already successfully passed the QLTS OSCE.

All the substantive law LPC / OSCE books and manuals may be roughly divided into two parts: 

  1. Main LPC / OSCE books - university manuals, which one must to read in order to prepare; and
  2. Summary LPC / OSCE books - study guides, which are good for revision purpose and also provide the material from a different perspective.  

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There are two main publishers: Oxford University Press (OUP) and College of Law Publishing (CLP). In general terms the OUP LPC/OSCE books looks a bit more concise, while CLP  LPC/OSCE books may be deemed as a bit more more complet. So, it doesn't really matter very much, which one to choose OUP or CLP. The LPC / OSCE books in  Business law, Property law, Probate (Wills and administration of the estate), Civil litigation and Criminal litigation are as follows:

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Business Law

  College of Law Publishing 
Oxford University Press 

Business Law and Practice, 
Alexis Mavrikakis

Business Law, 
Slorach & Ellis





















Starting a Business

The Different Types of Business
Introduction to the Company
Running a Business as a Company Limited by Shares
How to Set Up a Company
The Company’s Constitution
The Company’s Shareholders
Officers of the Company
Controls on Directors
Company Decision-making
Financing a Company: Shares
Financing a Company: Debt
Taking Security
Public Companies
Running a Business in Partnership
The Start of a Partnership
The Partnership Agreement
Partners’ Responsibilities
Liability for the Firm’s Debts
Limited Liability Partnerships
Corporate Insolvency
Personal Insolvency
Calculation of Trading Profits of a Business
Taxation of Companies: Corporation Tax
Taxation of Companies: Special Provisions Relating To Companies
Taxation of Sole Traders
Taxation of Partnerships
Taxation of Employees and Directors
Taxation of Savings and Investment Income

1. Partnerships
1: Characteristics of partnerships
2: Partnership management and finance
3: Liability of partners to outsiders
4: Partnership disputes
5: Termination of and retirement from a partnership
6: The partnership agreement

2. Companies
7: Limited companies
8: Formation of a limited company
9: Directors and secretary
10: Shareholders
11: Company finance
12: Disposal of shares
13: Company meetings and resolutions
14: The articles of a private company
15: Disclosure obligations of companies and company accounts
16: Public companies

3. Taxation
17: Income tax: sole traders and partnerships
18: The corporation tax system
19: Taxation of directors' fees and employees' salaries
20: Taxation of distributions and debenture interest
21: Capital allowances
22: Capital gains tax and inheritance tax on business assets
23: Value Added Tax

4. Insolvency
24: Personal bankruptcy
25: Company insolvency proceedings
26: Liabilities arising from insolvency
5. Additional Topics
27: Choice of business medium
28: Limited liability partnerships
29: Sale of a business to a company
30: Shareholders' agreements
Appendix 1: Additional chapters (online only)


Property Law

  College of Law Publishing 
Oxford University Press 
Name Property and Practice, 
Anne Rodell and Clare Harris

A Practical Approach to Conveyancing, Robert Abbey and Mark Richards

or Property Law, Robert Abbey, ‎Mark Richards 



Image result for Property Law 2017-2018


Contents Essential Background
Introduction to Property Law and Practice
Outline of a Simple Transaction
Underlying Land Law Principles – Rights and Interests
Underlying Land Law Principles – Registered and Unregistered Land
Conduct Issues Relevant to Conveyancing
Property Taxation
Town and Country Planning, Building Regulations and Related Matters
The Conveyancing Transaction: Initial Stages
Marketing the Property and Taking Instructions
Finance for the Buyer
Advising Joint Buyers
Fixtures and Fittings
Action Following Instructions 
The Conveyancing Transaction: Procedure Leading to Exchange
Deduction of Title
Investigation of Title – How to Investigate Title
Investigation of Title – Problems and Worked Examples
Searches and Enquiries Before Contract
The Draft Contract
Conditional Contracts and Options
The Mortgage
The Deposit
Preparing to Exchange
Exchange of Contracts
The Conveyancing Transaction: After Exchange
The Consequences of Exchange
Request for Completion Information
The Transfer Deed
Pre-completion Searches
Preparing for Completion
The Conveyancing Transaction: Completion and Post-completion
After Completion 
Delay and Remedies
Late Completion
Introduction to Leasehold Property
The Grant of a Lease
The Assignment of a Lease
Drafting Leases
Flat Management Schemes and Service Charge Provisions
Rent Review in Commercial Leases
The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, Part II
Sales of Part and New Properties
Sales of Part
New Properties

1: Introduction

2: Taking instructions and other initial matters

3: The draft contract

4: Pre-contract searches and enquiries, town and country planning

5: Deduction and investigation of title

6: Preparing for and implementing exchange of contracts; death or insolvency of contracting parties between exchange and completion

7: The purchase deed and mortgage

8: Pre-completion procedures and completion

9: Post-completion procedures: delays and remedies

10: Leaseholds and commonholds

11: New properties

12: Commercial conveyancing

13: Business tenancies and the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, Part II

Wills and Probate

  College of Law Publishing 
Oxford University Press 

Legal Foundations / Google Books

Foundations for the LPC 





Part I – Revenue Law  
   Value Added Tax
    Income Tax
    Capital Gains Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Tax-Efficient Investments

Part II – Professional Conduct
    The Legal Profession
   Regulating the Profession
   The Principles
   Obtaining Instructions
   The Retainer
   Client Care and Costs
   Conflict of Interests
   Money Laundering and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
   Duties Owed to the Court and Third Parties
   Financial Services
   Requirements of Practice

Part III – EC Law
    Sources of EU Law
    The Institutions
    The Relationship between EU Law and National Law
    Seeking a Remedy in National Courts
    Free Movement of Workers
    Freedom of Establishment and Provision of Services
    Free Movement of Goods
    Competition Law

Part IV – Human Rights
    The European Convention on Human Rights
    The Human Rights Act 1998

Part V – Probate and Administration
    Succession to Property on Death
    Probate Practice and Procedure
    Administration of an Estate

1. Introduction
1: Professional conduct
2: Financial services
3: Money laundering

2. Revenue Law
4: An introduction to revenue law
5: Income tax
6: Capital gains tax
7: Inheritance tax
8: Corporation tax
9: Value added tax
10: Taxation of sole proprietors and partnerships
11: Taxation of trusts and settlements

3. Wills and Administration of Estates
12: Introduction to wills and administration of estates
13: Entitlement to the estate
14: Application for a grant of representation
15: Post-grant practice

4. Human Rights
16: Human rights












Civil Litigation


College of Law Publishing


Oxford University Press 

 Civil Litigation,
 Kevin Browne and Margaret Catlow

Civil Litigation 2017-2018 / Google Books





Introduction to Civil Litigation

Considerations at the First Interview including Funding the Claim

Early Action

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Commencing Proceedings

Responding to Proceedings and Judgment in Default

Statements of Case

Additional Proceedings and Part 8 Claims

Case Management and Allocation of Cases

Applications to the Court

Disclosure and Inspection of Documents



Final Preparations for Trial, Trial and Assessment of Costs

Enforcement of Money Judgments


Court Forms, Protocols and Guidelines

Templates for Drafting Key Documents

Flow Diagrams

Case Study Documents

1: Introduction

2: A modern litigation approach

3: Costs information to the client and funding options

4: The nature, extent, and recovery of legal costs

5: Alternative dispute resolution

6: The first client meeting and initial considerations

7: Pre-action substantive matters

8: Pre-action protocols

9: Starting your court action and serving it on the defendant

10: Defending a claim

11: Drafting statements of case

12: Case management

13: Interim applications - general considerations

14: Interim applications - common types

15: Part 36 offers

16: Disclosure and inspection

17: Witness statements and documentary evidence

18: Experts and expert evidence

19: Trial, settlement, and appeals

20: Assessment of cost proceedings
Appendix 1: additional chapters (online only)


Criminal Litigation

  College of Law Publishing 
Oxford University Press 

Criminal Litigation Practice and Procedure, Deborah Sharpley

Criminal Litigation, 
Martin Hannibal and Lisa Mountford






Investigative Powers of the Police (1) – Outside the Police Station

Investigative Powers of the Police (2) – Inside the Police Station

Juveniles at the Police Station

Role of the Solicitor at the Police Station

Initial Hearings in the Magistrates’ Court


Preparation for Trial in the Magistrates’ Court

Summary Trial and Advocacy Techniques

The Crown Court

Sentencing – The Law

Sentencing in Practice


The Youth Court

Road Traffic Offences

Introduction to Evidence

Visual Identification Evidence and Corroboration

Inferences from Silence

Hearsay Evidence

Confession Evidence

Exclusion of Evidence

Character Evidence

Case Study Papers

Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines

1. Introduction to Criminal Litigation

1: Introduction

2: An introduction to the law of criminal evidence and advocacy

2. Investigation and the Decision to Charge

3: The powers to stop, search, and arrest

4: Detention and interrogation

5: The right to silence at the police station

6: Challenging unlawfully and unfairly obtained evidence

7: Obtaining identification evidence

8: The decision to prosecute and the prosecution's duties of disclosure of evidence

3. From Charge to Trial

9: Funding of criminal defence services and first appearance process

10: The law and practice relating to court bail

11: Prosecuting an either-way offence

12: Prosecuting summary offences

13: Crown Court proceedings pre-trial

14: Trial before the Crown Court

4. Proving the Case - The Rules of Criminal Evidence

15: The burden of proof

16: Witness evidence

17: Corroboration, the 'Turnbull guidelines' and opinion evidence

18: Hearsay evidence

19: Character evidence and the accused as a witness at trial

20: Private privilege

5. Post Conviction: Sentencing and Appeals

21: Sentencing procedure and the general principles of sentencing

22: Specific types of sentence and the plea in mitigation

23: Appeals

6. Youth Justice

24: Youth justice - introduction

25: Prosecuting young offenders

26: Sentencing young offenders

Appendix 1
Additional chapters (online only)

Amendments and updates to the LPC books are available at the OUP online resource center and the CLP books updates

Test banks OUP / Online Resource Centres


QLTS School Multipack


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  1. Civil Litigation 2018-2019, Susan Cunningham-Hill, Karen Elder

  2. Property Law 2018-2019, Robert Abbey, Mark Richards

  3. Business Law 2018-2019, J Scott Slorach, Jason Ellis

  4. Criminal Litigation 2018-2019, Martin Hannibal, Lisa Mountford

  5. Foundations for the LPC 2018-2019, Firth, Smart, Wright et al



Legal Practice Course Handbook

LPC Answered Core ModulesLPC Answered Core Modules



LPC Core Modules 17-18.png



Business Law

Business Accounts & Business Taxation

Solicitors Accounts

Property Law

Civil Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Wills & Administration of Estates

Professional Conduct & Regulation

Professional Skills






Civil Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Business Law and Practice

Property Law and Practice

Wills and the Administration of Estates


Professional Conduct and Regulation

Solicitors' Accounts

SkillsCivil Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Business Law and Practice

Property Law and Practice

Wills and the Administration of Estates


Professional Conduct and Regulation

Solicitors' Accounts


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Real Estate
Business Law and Practice

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June 2017

Property 1) Bundle/Case study 
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1) Bundle/Case study 
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Civil Lit 1) Bundle/Case study 
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Civil Lit 1) Bundle/Case study  
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Criminal Lit 1) Bundle/Case study  
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Business Companies House forms for limited companies
Criminal  Criminal procedure forms 
Property  HM Land Registry forms


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