Research and Writing

Part 2 Theory


£110 – Legal Research Lecture and Attachments

£110 – Legal Writing individually marked and commented

Part 2 Practice

Our Approach To The OSCE Legal Research

If you are a familiar with either Lexis Library or Westlaw, then legal research in all practice areas is a great opportunity to improve your overall score and to distinguish yourself from other candidates.  Another way to indicate that you are prepared for success is to complete the research record sheet correctly. Those who did LPC in the UK may have a certain advantage, as they are aware of what and how the sheet is to be recoded. Your own awareness of the process may contribute to success in legal research!

So, to minimize the risk of not having your correct responses counted, be sure you know how to complete the record sheet. 

In the Theory part you will find guidance on aspects of legal research and two videos of PC screen-record of the research along with information on how to complete the record sheet with the respective explanations conducted on the basis of the QLTS Kaplan sample questions, using Lexis Library platform. This is to provide you with a complete demonstration of what to do and how to do it in order to succeed. The videos and attachments provide for a common legal research structure, applicable to any practice area. 

Certainly managing your time is of the essence in the entire OSCE exam, but in the legal research portion, time may well be the main issue. So the strategy for success is to avoid pauses, by following step by step the legal research structure. 

Get access to the Databases 
There are the following options:

  • All QLTS candidates are eligible for temporary access to Lexis Library and Westlaw at a reduced fee. Candidates should contact Lexis Library and Westlaw for further details; or
  • You may get access through a one-week free trial offer;  or
  • You may subscribe for a month at a cost of approximately £350.

In general terms, if you practice intensively even for a week or two, it will be helpful. Of course, candidates must recognise their personal learning needs and abilities. 

New Pilot OSCE Legal Research by Kaplan
Please note: instead of traditional legal research platforms, Kaplan considers a new pilot method that is a new type of research exercise. Instead of using Lexis Library and Westlaw, the exercise will require candidates to do legal research offline using a limited range of sources, which have already been downloaded. Also note that Practical Law Company is not used for the purposes of this assessment. 

Legal Writing
You can practice legal writing as a part of the mock Interview session. So after you have obtained the instructions and facts from the client’s interview, for a small additional fee,  you may opt to be evaluated either on your Attendance Note/ Case Analyses or on your writing of a legal advice to a client in the form of an email or a letter. Please note that different non-legal marking criteria apply to them.