Individual training and practical guidance for solicitors qualifying exam ‘QLTS OSCE’


What is QLTS OSCE?

QLTS OSCE is the second, but most difficult part of the alternative route to qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales, known as Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme or QLTS. In order to become eligible for the OSCE, candidates must first pass a multiple choice test (limited exceptions apply).

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Success Stories

About OSCEsmart

OSCEsmart is a study resource initially developed by Dr Olga Pogrebennyk, who obtained her LLB, LPC and LLM from Nottingham Law School and went on to pass the QLTS with distinction. Dr Pogrebennyk decided to carefully design a resource which would be effective, affordable, and simple in order help others to succeed in the OSCE. It is rooted in this unique methodology in order to understand the substantive law, and individual training of the candidates’ skills while remaining close to the exam conditions. Our successful candidates join us as OSCE tutors and having first-hand experience assist other candidates to prepare. All together we call it OSCEsmart.

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Course overview

OSCE Preparation

The QLTS OSCE is a very practical exam, where the candidates are assessed based on a real solicitor’s practice conditions. In particular, they should demonstrate their ability to:

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How we do it

Prices and Packages

Knowing the OSCE firsthand, we understand the time and expense involved in taking the exam. This is why we aim to keep our prices fair and moderate and encourage you to customize your QLTS OSCE preparation. In this way, you can purchase only the services you need, thereby using the resources we provide to suit your goals and budget.

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OSCE packages

To sign up for the OSCE Smart Course, please submit the Question Form on the left or email us at:

Deadline for signing up for the Packages is 60 days before the next QLTS OSCE [until and excluding 9 Sep 2019 for the Nov 2019 OSCE sitting]

Package A ‘Double’  £1700 

[now closed for Nov 2019]
  • Study Group

  • 10 Mock interviews + Attendance Notes / Case Analysis (5 handwritten or typed individually marked + suggested answer and 5 only given suggested answer)

  • 7 Mock Advocacy/Presentation sessions

Package B ‘All In’  £1300

  • Study Group

  • 5 Mock Interviews + 3 handwritten or typed individually marked + suggested answer and 2 only given suggested answer Attendance Notes/Case Analysis;

  • 5 Mock Advocacy/Presentation sessions;  

  • Top up to Package A for the price difference - deadline 60 days before the next QLTS OSCE, subject to the slots availability

Package C ‘Budget’  £700

  • Study Group

  • 2 Mock Interviews + 1 Handwritten Attendance Note/Case Analysis; and

  • 1 Mock Advocacy/Presentation station

  • Top up to Package A or B for the price difference - deadline 60 days before the next QLTS OSCE, subject to slots availability 

Package D ‘Diagnostic’  £250

  • 1 Mock Interview + 1 Attendance Note (with generic feedback);

  • 1 Mock station Legal Writing/Research (with generic feedback);

  • 1 Mock station Legal Drafting(with generic feedback); and

  • Brief analysis of the results

Package E ‘Part 2 Maxi’  £1100

  • Lectures: Research and Writing, Drafting, and lectures in 5 Practice Areas

  • 3 Legal Writing Mock Stations

  • 3 Research Mock Stations

  • 3 Drafting Mock Stations

Package F ‘Part 2 Mini’  £700

  • Lectures: Research and Writing, Drafting, and lectures in 5 Practice Areas

  • 1 Legal Writing Mock Station

  • 1 Research Mock Station

  • 1 Drafting Mock Station

LPC Package


  • Study group

  • 5 Mock Interviews + Attendance Notes/Case Analysis (3 handwritten or typed individually marked + suggested answer and 2 only given suggested answer); and

  • 3 Mock Advocacy/Presentation stations

  • ‘Study group’

‘Study Group’ – an integral part of each OSCEsmart package except ‘Diagnostic’ pack

  • Access to all video lectures and concise lecture notes on Business, Property; Probate; Civil and Criminal Litigation (6-9 lectures in each practice area)

  • Access to all lectures on skills: Drafting and Writing; Research; Interview; Advocacy (Drafting lectures also offer drafting and writing mock questions and suggested answers)

  • 10 Sample Research Mock Stations (for self-assessment, against other candidates’ answers) via Google Class

  • 5 seminars OSGSs on application of law to factual scenarios: one per practice area; and

  • Group facilities: Facebook Group; Google Class, online class with lecture-based flashcards


What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger,

Friedrich Nietzsche

Common reasons of failure:

  • Overestimation of your readiness and underestimation of OSCE standards   

  • Poor exam techniques and misunderstanding of OSCE marking criteria

  • Poor performance at particular skill-part(s)  

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LPC Graduates 

MCT Exemption

LPC graduates are entitled to be exempt from QLTS MCT. However, in order to proceed with the OSCE, you still formally need to obtain a decision from the SRA confirming the exemption.

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To sign up for the OSCE Smart Course, please submit the Question Form on the left or email us at:


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You acknowledge that if you breach, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have breached this provision, OSCEsmart may terminate or suspend your right to use its materials. Being an intellectual property infringement, such behaviour is deemed to be dishonest and against the Theft Act 1968, and as such will be reported to the SRA which may adversely affect your future admission.