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Olga helped me very much to understand what is and what is not important to mention for the purposes of individual parts of OSCE. This allowed me to ask the right questions and so to be more efficient during client interviews, as well as to prioritize and better structure my attendance notes. She also explained to me how to identify the fastest ways to the most relevant sources for the research purposes. On top of that, she did an excellent job in preparing me for advocacy/presentation parts of the exam.

Peter (OSCE cleared, June 2016)

The OSCEsmart has been a major contributor to my success. Nonetheless, I applied for the service very last moment (2 weeks before the QLTS OSCE Part 1), it still was enough to improve my performance and get a lot of smart tips, which made the difference and I managed to pass. Olga was very helpful not only with the mocks, but keeping in touch and answering my concerns. The interviewer I worked with was wonderful. I have very high regard for her, she blessed me.  I am very happy I found the OSCEsmart.

Nishith, Dubai (OSCE cleared, June 2017)

Many thanks for all the time and effort you put into this. You were exceptional. Even though, due to work, I wasn't able to always attend the lectures or seminars, you were there whenever I needed it.

I found the exams really tough and not sure how I have done but I am thankful to you for all your effort. On my side I could have done more but even with more preparation, some of the questions that came up would have been tricky to answer.

Best of luck with this and wish you all the success.

Ali, London (OSCE attended, November 2017)

What is QLTS OSCE?

QLTS OSCE is the second, but most difficult part of the alternative route to qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales, known as Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme or QLTS. In order to become eligible for the OSCE, candidates must first pass a multiple choice test (limited exceptions apply).  
The QLTS OSCE is a very practical exam, where the candidates are assessed based on a real solicitor’s practice conditions. In particular, they should demonstrate their ability to:

  • Handle a client interview and prepare an attendance note or case analysis;
  • Deliver an oral client presentation or advocacy, within the courts;
  • Conduct legal research and complete a record sheet;
  • Write letters, memoranda, emails, and other documents to the clients or colleagues; and
  • Draft legal documents and complete different forms. 

The above skills will be assessed in five practice areas: business, property, probate, civil litigation, and criminal litigation.

Future of QLTS Exam

Since September 2020, the QLTS is very likely to be substituted by a common assessment that all domestic and overseas candidates will take before qualifying: the Solicitors Qualifying Examination or SQE. However, those who had successfully completed the multiple choice of the QLTS, could choose to do either the OSCE or the SQE.

About OSCEsmart

OSCEsmart is a study resource developed by Dr Olga Pogrebennyk, who obtained her LLB, LPC and LLM from Nottingham Law School and went on to pass the QLTS with distinction. Dr Pogrebennyk decided to carefully design a resource which would be effective, affordable, and simple in order help others to succeed in the OSCE. It is rooted in this unique methodology in order to understand the substantive law, and individual training of the candidates’ skills while remaining close to the exam conditions. All together we call it OSCEsmart.
Our goal at OSCEsmart is to help you get smart about the exam, so that you can pass it. We have learned that even last-minute training and other helpful tips, may have a positive and decisive impact. In other words, we can help you to obtain your best results.

Our Advantages

  • We narrow the focus to the QLTS OSCE only;
  • We incorporate first-hand experience of passing the OSCE;
  • Our approach is pragmatic and practical;
  • We provide an individually tailored training plan with full feedback;
  • We offer concise video lectures, notes, and online mock exams similar to the exam conditions; and
  • You may purchase exactly what you need for a very reasonable price

Prices and Packages

Knowing the OSCE firsthand, we understand the time and expense involved in taking the exam. This is why we aim to keep our prices fair and moderate and encourage you to customize your QLTS OSCE preparation. In this way, you can purchase only the services you need, thereby using the resources we provide to suit your goals and budget.


£50 –  An online Mock Client Interview with one-to-one mock client feedback based on the SRA and QLTS Kaplan marking criteria and outcomes

£30 – A handwritten Attendance Note or Case Analysis as a follow-up to a Mock Client Interview, individually marked up and provided with commentaries. Alternatively, you may opt to provide your advice in the form of client letter (Legal Writing)

£70 –  An online Mock Advocacy/Presentation session with one-to-one mock client feedback based on the SRA and QLTS Kaplan marking criteria and outcomes

£50 –  An online Legal Research exercise with tailored feedback and tips, as well as marked up record sheet

OSCE packages

OSCE Smart is announcing the launch of new packages. The innovation is intended to target 2 customer categories: OSCE resitters and LPC graduates. Based on our growing experience, we come to realize the importance of delivering customer-focused service to an increasingly diverse audience contacting us.

Thus, the ‘OSCE for LPC graduates’ package will be limited to:

• 5 mock interviews,
• 2 mock advocacy/presentation sessions,
• Study group (with access to lectures on all aspects of law, drafting and research exercises, seminars on application of law, etc.).

The ‘OSCE resitters’ package will offer those eligible for it several options, depending on the candidate’s vulnerabilities. In order to determine these individual vulnerabilities, we have come up with a DIAGNOSTIC PACK, covering interview, writing/research and drafting in different practice areas.

Candidates who sit the exam for the first time, will be tested on substantive law covering the same subjects as MCT. We learned that successful clearance of MCT does not on its own secure the required level of understanding of the law. 

Another innovation brought into our course is to include in each of our packages all the video lectures and lecture notes (in 5 practice areas), as well as all lectures on skills. We are convinced that such an addition will benefit all our customers by

• refreshing and structuring the knowledge they have obtained from textbooks, and
• putting the right accents and providing logical links.

Finally, as much as we try to accommodate client requests, there are circumstances in which we might have to refuse service in the best interests of our business. After all, the SRA expects a prospective solicitor to be of the required standard of character and suitability, behaving in a way that is honest and respectful. Here at OSCE smart, we set the same standards for ourselves, making every effort to provide excellent customer service and enjoyable learning experience!

To sign up for the OSCE Smart Course, submit the Question Form on the left or email us at:

Stages of the prep to OSCE

The preparation course to the OSCE is divided into two parts:

1. Theory/law:

  • Concise video lectures covering key issues you should know, learn, and memorize in order to succeed. Accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone;   
  • Short PDF notes in a table format, which can be printed;
  • Further reading guidance: LPC books, manuals, online resources, and case law;
  • Five Online Seminar Group Sessions (OSGSs): one per each practice area, purported to develop practical skills for application of the law to the facts; and
  • Support from your tutor who can answer any questions you might have.

2. Practice/Skills

  • Concise video lectures on Interview, Advocacy and Presentation, Legal Research and Writing and Drafting;
  • PDF Attachments providing further guidance, instructions, and samples of different documents e.g. attendance note and case analysis, research record sheet, sample drafting materials, research record sheet etc; and   
  • Individual online trainings (mock exams) in Interview, Advocacy and Presentation and Legal Research followed by in-depth feedback. This will help you: understand your readiness then revise accordingly, get acquainted with the process and the procedure of the exam, and ultimately develop your own approach to handling it.

3. Timescale

  • 12-6 month - start reading according to individual learning abilities, objectives, and availability. Please note: for LPC graduates it will take considerably less time. To be individually assessed, please complete this survey;
  • 2,5-2 months before the OSCE - we start our OSGSs and together, with you, schedule the mock exams; and
  • 1,5-1 month before the OSCE - we start to prepare you for Interview (Attendance Note and Case Analysis), Advocacy and Presentation and Legal Research.