Individual training and practical guidance for solicitors qualifying exam ‘QLTS OSCE’ (SQE)




What is QLTS OSCE?

QLTS OSCE is the second, but most difficult part of the alternative route to qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales, under Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme or QLTS. In order to become eligible for the OSCE, candidates must first pass a multiple choice test (MCT) (limited exceptions apply). The exam was previously known as Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT).

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Success Stories

About OSCEsmart

OSCEsmart is an online course initially developed by Dr Olga Pogrebennyk, who obtained her LLB, LPC and LLM from Nottingham Law School and went on to pass the QLTS with distinction. Dr Pogrebennyk decided to carefully design a cost-effective resource which would be pragmatic, affordable, and simple in order to help others to succeed in the OSCE. This unique methodology is adopted in order to understand the substantive law, practice areas and individual training of the candidates’ skills while remaining close to the exam conditions. Our successful candidates join the course as OSCE tutors (tutoring-solicitors) and harness their first-hand experience to assist other candidates in preparing for the exam. All together, we call it OSCEsmart.

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Course overview

From September 2021, OSCEsmart is introducing the SQE exam preparation course, developed to train would-be solicitors for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination.


Our SQE2 training revolves around personalised 1-to-1 SQE2 mock simulations with individual feedback. These mock exams serve three primary purposes:

  • Identifying knowledge gaps

  • Enhancing legal skills

  • Sharing exam tactics

OSCEsmart offers SQE preparation courses characterised by:

  • Flexibility. Start your preparation at your convenience, without fixed start dates.

  • Stand-Alone Options. Choose from a single SQE2 mock exam or a package, tailored to your needs.

  • SQE2 Exam-Centric. Practice-based active teaching. 

  • Focused Expertise. We help you focus on crucial areas, maximizing your time and effort.

  • Reasonable Fees

While we specialise in preparing foreign qualified lawyers for the second part of the exam, we now also provide training for SQE1 that includes pre-recorded lectures and specialised notes, live revision lectures, MCQs, revision materials and many others.

With our SQE1+SQE2 pack3000), you can enjoy the advantages of simultaneous access to SQE lectures, notes, flashcards and MCQs as part of the SQE1 training, and one-to-one individual mocks as part of practical SQE2 prep.

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OSCE Preparation

The QLTS OSCE is a very practical exam, where the candidates are assessed based on a real solicitor’s practice conditions. In particular, they should demonstrate their ability to:

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How we do it

Cost and Packages


Online SQE two mocks conducted under the exam conditions are the core of our preparation. In each mock, the SQE candidate receives an individual mark and feedback from the tutor. As of 2023, our prices for SQE2 courses and mocks are as follows:

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SQE packages

We offer a wide range of SQE1 and SQE2 prep packages and stand-alone services to suit your timeline, training needs, and budget. Starting from £70 per mock station, our pricing is fully transparent, with discounts offered on bulk purchases. Discover our top-notch SQE 2 courses and enhance your chances of success.

SQE1+SQE2 Pack £3000

SQE1+SQE2 Pack includes:

  • SQE1 Lectures Pack £999
  • SQE2 Pack £1885
  • OUP Prep & Practise (manual with 1200 tests from Oxford University Press) £450. 

Oxford SQE1 Pack FLK1 & FLK2 £1800

Oxford SQE1 Pack FLK1 & FLK2 consists of pre-recorded, live-revision lectures with concise notes and flashcards and OUP SQE Prep & Practise

1. Lectures on English law:

  • Business Law and Practice

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Contract

  • Tort

  • Property Practice

  • Wills and the Administration of Estates

  • Solicitors Accounts

  • Land Law

  • Trust

  • Criminal Law

  • Criminal Practice

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law & EU Law

  • English Legal System

  • Legal Services

2. OUP SQE Prep & Practise manual with around 1200 multiple-choice questions

3. Individual study plan

4. Mentor consultation

SQE2 Skills Pack £680

  • Legal writing set of lectures - 1
  • Legal drafting lecture 6

  • Client interview set of lectures 1

  • Advocacy set of lectures 1

  • Online Seminar Group Session 5

  • Live-stream mock demo (Legal Theatre) 1


SQE2 Pack £1885

13 tutored 1-to-1 mocks

  • Interview 2 + Attendance note individually marked 2

  • Interview 1 + Model answer 1

  • Advocacy 2

  • Matter analysis 3

  • Legal writing 2

  • Legal drafting 1

  • Legal research 1

  • Notes in 5 areas of law 5

  • SQE Skills Pack

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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger,

Friedrich Nietzsche

Common reasons of failure:

  • Overestimation of your readiness and underestimation of OSCE standards   

  • Poor exam techniques and misunderstanding of OSCE marking criteria

  • Poor performance at particular skill-part(s)  

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LPC Graduates 

MCT Exemption

LPC graduates are entitled to be exempt from QLTS MCT. However, in order to proceed with the OSCE, you still formally need to obtain a decision from the SRA confirming the exemption.

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Since early 2018, OSCEsmart has been offering personalised one-on-one mock stations and feedback to simulate exam conditions for SQE2 preparation. This approach has greatly benefited many LPC graduates, enhancing their confidence in navigating the qualifying exams.

To learn more about SQE 2 exam and SQE part 2 courses review the comprehensive article.

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