OSCE Client Interview

Part 1 Theory


£200 – Interview Lecture 1 and 2, Sample Interview video and Attachments

£60 – Interview Mock Session

£110 – A handwritten Attendance Note or Case Analysis as a follow-up to a Mock Client Interview

£110 – A letter of advice (Legal Writing) as a follow-up to a Mock Client Interview

Part 1 Practice

Our Approach To The OSCE Interview

The OSCE interview is one of the most difficult parts of the exam. The specific content of the interview can vary, and this reality presents challenges for the interviewee. In addition, your responses are evaluated by a client who is not a legal professional. 

The Theory Interview part covers a lecture, attachments and sample interview exercise. It explains the structure of the interview, model questions for each practice area, guidelines and tips for completion of the attendance note / case analysis.

When you have a clear understanding of what you need to do in order to succeed in the interview, it is important to practice to conduct interview. Ideally, you should do an interview in each practice area because each of them has its own specifics. 

For the above reason, OSCEsmart offers you practical exercises that simulate exam conditions through online mock sessions with a specially trained client-assessor. The assessor will evaluate your performance using Interviewing Marking Criteria and will provide you with extensive feedback, including suggestions for improvement.

How to Book an OSCE Interview 
You may book a mock interview by clicking the button on the right. Then select which interview you wish to order and if you want your Attendance Note/Case Analysis to be marked and choose the date and time frame available. After payment is received, you will receive an email confirming the order, time frame and instructions. The assessor will email you the Candidate Instructions in form of an email from your supervisor in the law firm, providing details regarding the interview you are to attend. The instructions will be emailed to you in advance, but if you wish to act in accordance with strict exam conditions, we suggest opening the Candidate Instructions 10 minutes before the mock interview is to start.

Before the OSCE Interview 
We also strongly recommend that you watch the Interview lecture and other videos and attachments provided and in particular, focus on the Prepared Questions attached to the lecture. The practice shows that many candidates waste their first attempt to pass the mock, because, in fact, they do not know how to properly conduct the OSCE interview. Following the aforementioned preparatory steps will ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from the practical mock session. 

The OSCE Mock Interview 
The time frame for the entire session is one hour during which mock interview will be conducted. The duration of the online mock is 25 minutes for the actual interview and around approximately 15 minutes for the marking evaluation and feedback. As it is an online live session and there could be issues with the Internet connection, we allow for an hour within which the 40-minute mock takes place. Keep in mind that the session does not cover the 10 minutes of preparation prior to the start of the interview. Allow enough time to prepare adequately in advance.