QLTS OSCE client Interview

Part 1 Theory


£200 – Interview Lecture 1 and 2, Sample Interview video and Attachments

£60 – An interview Mock Session

£110 – A handwritten Attendance Note or Case Analysis as a follow-up to a Mock Client Interview

£35 – A typed suggested answer without individual marking as a follow-up to a Mock Client Interview

Part 1 Practice


The client interview is one of the most difficult parts of QLTS OSCE exam. The specific content of the interview can vary, and this presents challenges for the aspiring solicitors. In addition, your responses are evaluated by a client who is not a legal professional. 

Client interview lectures and materials 
We strongly recommend that you watch the Interview lecture and other videos and get yourself acquainted with the attachments provided. Our experience tells us that many candidates waste their first attempt to pass the mock by skipping this step, because they do not know how to properly conduct the client interview for QLTS OSCE purposes. Please note, each exam has its own specifics and the QLTS OSCE is no exception, even though it is very close to real-world practice. Following the aforementioned preparatory steps will ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from the practical mock session. 

The set of interview videos includes lectures on the client interview and attendance note, a sample interview, and several useful attachments. It explains the structure of the interview, model questions for each practice area, and guidelines and tips for completion of the attendance note/case analysis.

QLTS OSCE client interview mock sessions
When you have a clear understanding of what you need to do in order to succeed in the interview, it is important to practice the actual client interview in exam conditions with individual feedback given by the assessors: 

  • QLTS OSCE client interview skills - by an interviewer, who is a lay-person;
  • QLTS OSCE attendance note/case analysis - by a solicitor, who has passed the QLTS OSCE assessment and has first-hand experience.

Ideally, you should complete at least one interview in each practice area. 

For the above reason, OSCEsmart offers you practical mock exercises that simulate the QLTS OSCE exam conditions through online mock sessions with a specially trained client-assessor. The assessor will evaluate your performance using Interviewing Marking Criteria and will provide you with extensive feedback, including suggestions for improvement.

How to book a QLTS OSCE mock interview 
In order to book a mock interview, please contact us via the Question form on the left sidebar. We now schedule all the mock sessions via our Superexam platform, where you may book particular simulations in the area of law you want, choosing between different time slots and tutors at your convenience. You should plan and book your mocks in advance. Please do not book anything via this website, as we are currently transitioning from QLTS to SQE and some features, including booking, were moved to our new SQE (Superexam) platform. 

OSCE mock interview arrangements 
The time frame for the entire session is 45 minutes, during which a mock client interview will be conducted. The duration of the online mock is 25 minutes for the actual interview and approximately 15 minutes for the marking evaluation and feedback. Keep in mind that the session does not cover the 10 minutes of preparation prior to the start of the interview. Allow enough time to prepare adequately in advance.