SQE Research and Writing

Part 2 Theory


£120 – Legal Writing individually marked and commented

Part 2 Practice

QLTS OSCE / SQE Legal Research And Writing

In the SQE2 exam, the writing and research components play a significant role in evaluating aspiring solicitors' practical legal skills and understanding of legal principles. The writing component of SQE2 assesses candidates' legal writing skills that is the ability to write a legal letter and written materials effectively. The research component in the SQE2 written evaluates candidates' proficiency in legal research. Candidates are typically given a legal scenario or question and are required to conduct research to find relevant legal sources such as case law, statutes, regulations, and legal commentary.

Being familiar with either Lexis or Westlaw Library will give you an excellent opportunity to do well in legal research in all practice areas, improve your overall score and receive high SQE skills mark. An important factor here is knowing how to complete the research record sheet correctly. Those who have done the LPC in the UK may have a certain advantage in this, as they are aware of how the sheet should be recorded. Your own awareness of the process may contribute to success in SQE legal research.

So, to minimise the risk of not having your correct responses counted, make sure you know how to complete the record sheet.

SQE legal research lectures and materials

The set videos cover lectures and guidance on all aspects of legal research and two videos with screen records of the research. This part also illustrates how to complete the record sheet when answering one of Kaplan's QLTS / SQE sample questions with the help of the Lexis Library platform. You can use the materials above as a step-by-step manual on what to do in SQE legal research and how to do it in order to succeed. The videos and attachments provide a common structure and legal research notes applicable to any practice area.

Another crucial factor in legal research SQE mock stations is time management. While time is of the essence in any part of the QLTS OSCE / SQE, in legal research it may well be the main issue. So the strategy for success is to avoid pauses by sticking to the research structure that you learn when preparing for the SQE exam.

Get access to the databases

When subscribing to the databases, you can consider one of the following options:

  • All QLTS candidates are eligible for temporary access to Lexis Library and Westlaw at a reduced fee. A monthly subscription fee averages £350 + VAT [arrangements between Kaplan QLTS and LexisNexis]. For further details, please contact Lexis Library and Westlaw.
  • Alternatively, access to the databases can be obtained through a one-week free trial offer.

In general terms, intensive practice for a week or two may already be helpful. However, aspiring solicitors must recognise their personal learning needs and abilities.

QLTS OSCE / SQE2 legal writing assessment

The set videos include a live lecture on SQE legal writing, explaining the principles of legal writing and the key points that one should know in order to succeed in the SQE 2 exam (slides are not included). We offer legal writing and research mock stations, which may be booked via our Superexam platform.

How to book legal research or writing mock sessions

In order to book writing or research mocks please register on our dedicated training platform. We now schedule all the mock sessions via our Superexam platform, where you may book particular simulations in the SQE practice area you want, choosing between different time slots at your convenience. You will have around 7 calendar days to submit your work after the date on which the assignment is scheduled. You should plan and book your SQE mocks in advance.

Please do not book anything via this website, as we are currently transitioning from QLTS to SQE assessments and some features, including booking, were moved to our new SQE (Superexam) platform.

Learn more about our SQE legal writing course and legal research and writing courses online here.