QLTS OSCE Advocacy / presentation

Part 1 Theory


£200 – Advocacy Lecture, Sample Civil and Criminal Advocacy videos and Attachments

£110 –  Advocacy Mock Session

Part 1 Practice

QLTS OSCE Advocacy And Presentation

While Advocacy and Presentation together constitute one subpart of QLTS OSCE assessment, they differ considerably. ‘Advocacy’ is applicable to civil and criminal litigation. In all other practice areas, it is known as ‘presentation’.

Presentation of your advice has no strict requirements and is generally the same throughout the world. Contrarily, advocacy has its own specifics or sometimes differs considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Advocacy / presentation lectures and materials

In the set of advocacy and presentation videos, you will find separate video lectures and guidance on advocacy and presentation, attachments, and a sample advocacy speech. The lectures explain how to conduct different court applications in criminal and civil proceedings for QLTS OSCE purposes: e.g., how to address a judge, structure your delivery, and prepare the actual wording of your speech. We invite you to focus on the legal tests in civil and criminal litigation attached to the lectures. These two documents contain a non-exhaustive list of the most important legal tests. You should learn them by heart.

QLTS OSCE advocacy / presentation mock session

When you have a clear understanding of what you need to do in order to succeed in the QLTS OSCE advocacy or presentation, it is important to practice in exam conditions with individual feedback given by our tutoring-solicitor. During the assessment, you may discuss with the solicitor other legal issues or queries within the same area of law, subject to the time availability given for the mock. Please note, we expect you to be reasonable in your enquiries. Ideally, you should complete at least one interview in each practice area.

In this regard, OSCEsmart offers you practical exercises that simulate QLTS OSCE exam conditions through online mock sessions with qualified solicitors in the form of civil and criminal advocacy or presentations in all other areas of law: business law, property law, wills and administration of estate.

How to book a QLTS OSCE advocacy/presentation mock

In order to book an advocacy or presentation mock, please contact us via the Question form on the left sidebar. We now schedule all the mock sessions via our Superexam platform, where you may book particular simulations in the area of law you want, choosing between different time slots and tutors at your convenience. You should plan and book your mocks in advance.

Please do not book anything via this website, as we are currently transitioning from QLTS to SQE and some features, including booking, were moved to our new SQE (Superexam) platform.

Before the OSCE advocacy/presentation mock

We strongly recommend that you watch the QLTS OSCE tailored advocacy videos and attachments to the left and in particular, to focus on the civil and criminal litigation tests. Following the aforementioned preparatory steps will ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from the practical mock session.