Best Typing Software to Improve Computer Typing Speed

OSCE Part2 / SQE2 typing 

The successful passing of Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (upcoming SQE) examination, OSCE (SQE2) stage in particular, is contingent on a wide range of factors.

Legal Writing, Legal Drafting and Legal Research assessments require that candidates have the ability to type fast. 

In this regard OSCEsmart arranged a list of typing software and tutors which will help to boost your typing accuracy and speed amid preparing for QLTS exam.

Most Popular Tutors
Typesy. It consistently monitors your progress and adjusts your typing lessons based on your current skill level. So the lessons are not pre-determined. Typesy is a very customized typing course featuring video tutorials, games, drills, and a lot of activities.

KAZ Typing. Spend a total of 4 hours and you have the whole keyboard covered. The tutor uses accelerated learning methods that are based on brain research. It’s straight forward, used by over a million students around the world and has a client base ranging from governments, businesses to organizations and schools.

Mavis Beacon. It provides a large collection of 403 personalized lessons, exercises and tests that will definitely help you master typing. So that you don’t get bored from the normal typing lessons, it also offers 16 Arcade-style games.

Free Typing Software
KeyBlaze. It offers a clear learning plan from basic lessons until you reach the mastery stages. They also have a diagnostic test at the start to know the correct level you should start with rather than wasting your time at levels that are too easy for you.

10 Fast Fingers. One unique feature of this software is they have regular typing competitions. They even have a typing app you can download on your smartphone or iPad so you can practice on the go.

Tipp10. It is free and you can also use the web version if you don’t want to download. One of its key features is its feedback and testing mechanism. It repeats your mistyped letters more often so that you can boost your proficiency. The most often used characters on the keyboard also show up more frequently to ensure mastery of those keys.

TypingTrainer (TT) takes users through a step-by-step approach to slowly introduce new keys and new methods for a well-rounded learning experience. TT includes word and text drills in practices. Additionally, TT includes a Smart Review as you go along. This feature tracks the words you mistype most often and adds them to the drills for you to practice.

If you can afford investing in yourself, Typesy and KAZ Typing are the best typing software for now. 

We are hopeful that this brief review will contribute to your receiving the highest OSCE(SQE2) results.

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