Legal notice to all third parties

This is a legal notice to all third parties partnering with OSCEsmart current, past or future candidates (Candidates) in any way and for any purpose. Throughout the years of providing  tutoring and coaching service for the QLTS OSCE, we have developed our own methodology, approach, tips and various other oral and written materials as defined in OSCEsmart Terms and Conditions of Supply - QLTS OSCE Study Materials (Materials). In the light of the upcoming SQE, we are forced to defend our intellectual property rights to the above Materials.

As part of training, we inevitably have to share the Materials with OSCEsmart Candidates for the sole purpose of their preparation for the qualification exam. Holding these Materials on trust for OSCEsmart, the Candidates are expressly forbidden to use them for any other purpose, in particular for providing any training services, directly or indirectly. Any unauthorised use of the Materials or assistance to the wrongdoer(s) by a third party, as well as the Candidate’s use of the Materials for purposes other than the intended purpose, is strictly prohibited. If a third party breaches the above without our express written permission, it shall amount to ‘Strangers intermeddling with trust property’ - which may have an adverse effect on the future of the business involved.

On a separate note, we remind that amongst other things, solicitors of England and Wales have to meet character and suitability requirements, and act in compliance with the Code of Conduct. On the other hand, as solicitors, we have a related duty to act in the public interest and report misconduct by any person or firm authorised by the SRA. At the same time, we will consider each matter on a case-by-case basis and shall not undertake any steps until we have reasonable grounds to believe that the breach has occurred. Therefore, we do not waive any of our rights to bring the claim and to report the wrongdoer(s) we may suspect to the SRA.

That being said, we urge everyone to act honorably and lawfully.

To check whether a person belongs to the Candidates, please send an email to [email protected]

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