Marking Criteria

Marking Criteria


Listening and questioning

Language and explanation

Professional manner


Builds trust and confidence

Attendance note

Non-legal aspects:

Obtained all relevant information

Identified appropriate next steps

Advice is client-focussed

Legal content:

Legally correct

Legally comprehensive

Professional conduct

Client-assessor Dr. Iryna Vasyliuk, PhD in linguistics, has more than 30 years of university teaching experience

'Please note, that I will be in character during the mock interviews. While acting as a client, I may project characters various natures and demeanors, just as you expect to have at the actual exam.  

Some of the clients may be naughty – or exhibit what I call ‘bad character’. It will be much harder to deal with such clients, but you will benefit from the practice of how to deal with such clients. 

So, if you wish me to be in ‘bad character’ please specify this either in the booking request ‘comments’ section or during our email exchange.'