Solicitors Qualifying Examination: Sit Mock Exams Before the SQE

SQE2 Mock Exams

Aspiring solicitors in England and Wales preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) understand the significance of thorough preparation. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) introduced the SQE in September 2021 as a new pathway to qualify as a solicitor, emphasizing practical skills and competence over traditional law degrees. One effective strategy for success is the inclusion of SQE mock exams in the SQE2 prep.

SQE Structure

The SQE consists of two stages: SQE1 and SQE2. While SQE1 evaluates candidates on their functional legal knowledge through multiple-choice questions, SQE2 focuses on practical legal skills. This includes qualifying work experience (QWE) and assessments in areas such as advocacy, client interviews, and legal writing.

SQE2 Mocks from OSCEsmart

To ace the SQE, candidates are encouraged to engage in SQE preparation courses. SQE2 preparation courses from OSCEsmart not only cover the essential legal content but also provide valuable insights into the exam format, question types, and time management. However, the importance of incorporating SQE mock exams into one's preparation cannot be overstated.

SQE2, in particular, assesses candidates in simulated legal scenarios. We offer one-to-one mock simulations with individual feedback that replicate the SQE2 assessment conditions, allowing candidates to learn the format and experience the pressure of real-time scenarios. Our mocks are conducted by tutors who have successfully passed the exam themselves, offering firsthand experience and valuable insights to aid candidates in their preparation.

SQE2 mock station is a simulation of the actual SQE2 assessment. Engaging in SQE2 mock sessions enables candidates to refine their skills, identify areas of improvement, and enhance their performance. These mock simulations include:

  • SQE2 Oral:

- SQE advocacy

- SQE client interview

  • SQE2 Written

- SQE legal writing

- SQE legal drafting

- SQE legal research

- SQE case and matter analysis

SQE2 Mock Simulations

Client Interview – assesses the candidate's effective communication with the client and the ability to gather relevant information. Each SQE interview is conducted by a layperson (not a solicitor), who then assesses the candidate on non-legal SQE skills.

Advocacy – evaluates the candidate's ability to advocate within a court of law.

Legal Writing – examines the candidate's written communication skills.

Legal Drafting – assesses the candidate's ability to draft various legal documents and clauses, as well as complete forms.

Legal Research – gauges the candidate's ability to analyse extensive information with varying levels of complexity.

Case & Matter Analysis – evaluates the candidate's skills in advising on various legal issues. This SQE mock test incorporates both oral and written components.

During our SQE2 mocks, we share tips and techniques to help candidates enhance their performance in each of the SQE practice areas.

SQE Mock Client Interview: Legal Theatre

We have also developed a distinctive Legal Theatre offering - a live-streamed client interview in a dynamic and engaging format. This unique experience includes a scheduled real-time video session accompanied by relevant materials.

Before the session commences, attendees receive candidate instructions providing a brief overview of the issues to be discussed. Throughout the event, the client unveils more information. The interview is conducted by an SQE2 candidate unfamiliar with the scenario, ensuring spontaneity and an unprepared approach. Post-session, attendees receive a fact sheet and a suggested answer, illustrating how the case could be analysed in the attendance note.

To maximise the learning opportunity, we advise attendees to follow the scenario and take notes on questions they would pose during the interview. SQE2 candidates are encouraged to draft a handwritten attendance note post-session, allowing them to compare facts and answers against the provided materials.

Ticket Information:

  • General Admission: £50.00

  • Early Bird Discount: £39.00

We recommend that students conduct their own mock interviews through our simulations as the best method to gain the necessary legal skills for the assessment. Yet, watching a Legal Theatre can be a valuable supplementary perspective on how an interview is conducted.

The next SQE2 Mock Interview is scheduled for 14 January 2024. 

Secure your spot at a discounted rate by registering before 5 January. 

Follow the link for registration.

Including SQE2 mock exams in the SQE2 course is an investment in success. It not only boosts confidence but also equips candidates with the skills and experience necessary to pass the SQE exam. As the legal landscape evolves, the SQE remains a crucial step for aspiring solicitors, and strategic preparation, including SQE2 mock simulations, ensures that candidates are well-equipped to excel.

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