The Best SQE Books and Study Materials for the SQE Preparation

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) is now the new route to become a solicitor in the UK. This thorough assessment evaluates candidates' knowledge and skills across different areas of law. To excel in SQE1 and SQE2, aspiring solicitors need access to the best study materials and SQE prep books. They are essential for grasping legal concepts and developing effective question-answering strategies.

This article covers popular SQE exam books and top providers of study materials. It also explores strategies to prepare for the SQE and recommends the best SQE prep books.

SQE Preparation Books

Essential SQE Books for Exam Success

The University of Law SQE Books

Law students value the SQE books offered by the University of Law (ULaw), known for its exceptional legal education. Their textbooks cover all the SQE assessment areas, including Business Law and Practice, one of the key topics in the exam. ULaw's SQE books provide the following advantages: 

  • detailed explanations, 
  • practice questions, and 
  • sample assessment questions. 

These resources aim to enhance students' understanding and increase their chances of success. UoL updates its materials to reflect any changes in the syllabus.

"SQE1 Study Manuals" provide comprehensive coverage of all the subjects tested in SQE1. These manuals are well known for their clear explanations, diagrams, and practical examples. They serve as an excellent resource for understanding complex legal concepts.

Buy the UoL’s SQE books at

Barbri SQE Books

Barbri is a well-known provider of professional education and exam preparation resources. Barbri offers various SQE preparation books and SQE revision books. The authors have designed them to match the SQE syllabus and cover all the required knowledge areas. These books usually come with extra online resources such as study manuals and practice questions. Many students consider Barbri's SQE books to be essential tools for success in the SQE exams.

Revise SQE Books

ReviseSQE is an extensive collection of SQE revision books. These books are carefully crafted to assist students in building essential exam skills. One of the key strengths of ReviseSQE books lies in their clear explanations. These resources are instrumental in helping students prepare for the SQE exam.

Revise SQE Books are available for purchase at

Second-Hand SQE Books

Along with purchasing new books, consider exploring second-hand options. Many law students who have completed the SQE may be selling their books at a discounted price. Despite signs of use, these SQE books still contain valuable content. You can find second-hand SQE books on:

  • online marketplaces,
  • SQE book exchange groups, 
  • local classified ads, 
  • university bulletin boards, or
  • student forums

Second-hand books may be cost-effective study materials without compromising on the content.

Essential SQE Study Materials Providers in 2023

ULaw SQE Study Materials

The University of Law is well known for its SQE books, as well as for its comprehensive SQE study materials. ULaw's SQE study materials include sample questions and revision notes. These notes provide concise summaries of key legal concepts to improve your understanding. UoL strives to keep its SQE books updated for students to access the latest relevant content. ULaw offers a range of valuable tools to support students in their SQE preparation.

Independent SQE Study Material Providers

There is a range of providers offering tailored SQE study materials. Many independent SQE study material providers design comprehensive study packages. Their study packages consist of SQE textbooks, practice questions, and online resources. These providers include online platforms and organisations specialising in legal education.

Routledge series of SQE1 and SQE2 books

Strategies during SQE Exam Preparation

SQE Exam Preparation

Create a Personal Study Plan (PSP)

Developing a Personal Study Plan (PSP) is crucial for effective SQE exam preparation. A PSP allows you to organise your study time and ensure you cover all the necessary topics. Divide the syllabus into manageable units to study both full time and part time. Set specific goals and allot dedicated time slots for each topic. Be realistic with your schedule and consider your other commitments. Review and adjust your PSP based on your progress and areas that need more attention. A PSP will help you stay focused, track your progress, and ensure a systematic approach to your prep. 

Utilise Practice Questions, Online Resources, and Sample Assessment Questions

Practice questions and sample assessment questions are invaluable resources during SQE exam preparation. These study aids familiarise students with the exam format. Also, they help students track their progress and identify areas for further study. SQE practice sessions can help build confidence and improve performance. 

Make the most of other study tools like flashcards, practice quizzes, and lectures. These can offer alternative perspectives on complex legal concepts. Additionally, engaging with these resources contributes to a more well-rounded preparation for SQE.

Join SQE1 Prep Courses

SQE1, the first part of the SQE assessment, requires a solid foundation of legal knowledge. That's why joining SQE1 prep courses is key. These courses offer expert guidance, interactive learning opportunities, and engaging discussions with tutors. SQE1 courses often include study materials and practice questions designed specifically for SQE1. Interactive classes and discussions with fellow candidates can boost understanding and confidence.

Conclusion: The Best SQE Prep Books in 2023

When it comes to SQE preparation, having the right study materials is essential. Based on student feedback, the best SQE preparation books in 2023 are the University of Law's SQE books and the Barbri study materials. These resources include sample questions and study manuals, covering all SQE assessment topics. If you use these recommended resources, you can maximise your chances of passing the SQE.

In conclusion, the Solicitors Qualifying Examination is a significant milestone for aspiring solicitors. With the right SQE books, students can feel better prepared for the assessment. A PSP and doing sample questions can optimise your prep and increase your chances of SQE success.

Keep in mind that preparation requires the following elements: 

  1. best SQE textbooks, 
  2. dedication, and 
  3. a well-organised approach.

Good luck with your SQE assessment!

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