Guide to Choosing the Best SQE Provider

Choosing the Best SQE Provider

The SQE is the new pathway to become a solicitor in the UK, delivered by Kaplan, the sole SQE assessment provider. It replaced the previous QLTS system in September 2021. Aspiring solicitors, regardless of whether they hold a law degree or have completed law conversion courses, must carefully consider whether the SQE preparation courses are recognised as SRA SQE providers. This article helps candidates avoid making the wrong choice when choosing an SQE prep course provider.

Numerous providers offer SQE preparation courses. However, the SRA regulates them only through restrictions on using the SQE trademark, which is registered under their authority. We are OSCEsmart, an established provider that previously prepared candidates for QLTS OSCE and now offers training for SQE1 and SQE2 exams. Our training courses are conducted through SUPEREXAM online platform.

To assist you in finding the best SQE course provider, we have compiled a comparison of some top providers in the industry who have experience in preparing candidates for the QLTS and are not newcomers to the market.

*We do not include the SQE course providers with negative reviews.

SQE1 Preparation Courses - former QLTS MCT

The MCT was the initial stage of QLTS assessments, testing practical application of law, legal principles, and ethics. With the transition to SQE, many QLTS MCT providers shifted focus to SQE1. Some providers that have adapted their courses to cover SQE1 preparation include:  

SQE training providers

Online / In person

Interactive sessions

Course fees

OSCEsmart Online Revision live lectures

SQE1 Lectures Package – £999 (pre-recorded)

SQE Pre-recorded Lecture – £35 per one

SQE Live-revision Lecture – £25 per one

QLTS School



Basic – £1,890

Advantage – £2,390

Premium – £2,890



Online live touchpoint workshops

SQE1 Prep Course – £2,999

BPP University Law School


Live revision sessions

SQE1 Preparation (Self-study) – £3,300 (online)

SQE1 Preparation – £6,500 (London), £5,500 (online)

LLM Law Conversion with SQE1 – £17,100 (London), £14,200 (online)

  • OSCEsmart offers pre-recorded and live revision lectures. These lectures are available both as a comprehensive package and as individual stand-alone options to suit your specific needs.
  • QLTS School: SQE prep course includes 18 textbooks covering all areas required for SQE1, a Course Handbook, revision notes, digital flashcards, multiple-choice practice questions, and mock tests for self-assessment.
  • The BARBRI SQE1 Prep course is a flexible online programme with personalised study plans, pre-recorded lectures, and practice questions. Students receive individual support from a qualified solicitor and printed workbooks for their studies.
  • BPP University Law School: The SQE1 Preparation course offers a comprehensive learning experience with simulated client scenarios, live workshops led by expert tutors, and access to online resources.

SQE2 Prep Courses - former QLTS OSCE

The OSCE was the second stage of the QLTS assessments. It assessed candidates' practical legal skills, including client interviewing, advocacy, legal drafting, legal drafting, and legal research.

Here are some of the SQE2 prep courses offered by QLTS OSCE training providers:

SQE preparation course providers

Online / In person

Live lectures / Workshops

One-to-one training

Stand- alone service purchase

Course fees

QLTS Private Tutor (Sofia Parastatidou) - private tutor


SQE2 workshops

Individual mock stations

£70-120 per mock station



Revision live lectures

One-to-one mock exams with individual feedback

SQE Skills Package – £680

SQE2 Package – £1,885 (1-to-1 mocks)

SQE2 1-to-1 mock exams from £70 to £120 (discounts available on a bulk purchase)

SQE2 Lectures Package – £599

QLTS Advantage



4 full days of Live Tuition, where you will perform all 16 stations of an SQE2 exam


SQE2+ Course ~ £ 1,650



Skills interview-style lectures

Mock exams at the end of the course


Full SQE2 Prep course – £3,499

BARBRI SQE1 Prep alumni – £2,999

QLTS School


Legal skills video workshops

Mock practice stations with one-to-one tutor feedback in client interviewing and advocacy


Basic – £1,890

Advantage – £2,390

Premium – £2,890

BPP University Law School


Live coaching workshops

Mock assessments and tests


SQE2 Preparation Course – £4,000 (online)

Law Training Centre



Mock assessments for each legal skill within each practice area


SQE2 Exemption plus – £2,950

SQE2 Full Prep – £2,500

SQE2 Express – £495 per area

SQE2 Just Mocks – Oral Skills – £375

SQE2 Just Mocks – Practice area – £295 per area

New Heights Training (Neeta Halai) - private tutor



1:1 performance coaching


Platinum Level - Performance Coaching - £2,325 (Online or in person)
Gold Level - Performance Coaching - £1,195 (online)
Silver Level - 1:1 Performance Coaching: 2 hours - £600 (online)

  • QLTS Private Tutor provides individual mock stations and SQE2 workshops for candidates.  
  • OSCEsmart focuses on individual mock exams conducted under SQE2 exam conditions, providing personalised feedback from tutors. The SQE2 exam preparation also includes SQE2 online seminars, live demos, SQE lectures, and law notes to ensure comprehensive readiness for the assessment.  
  • QLTS Advantage provides over 200 mock scenarios, live and recorded video instruction, and support. The training includes 4 full days of live classes via Zoom. The SQE preparation course costs around £1,650.  
  • The BARBRI course for SQE2 offers interactive learning with diagnostic assessment, interview-style skills lectures, workbooks, self-practice exercises, personalised feedback, and mock assessments in each skill and subject assessed in SQE2.  
  • The QLTS School SQE prep courses include a course guide, summary notes, SQE Video Library, digital flashcards, English writing tasks, practice questions, mock exams with model answers, or personal tutor feedback.
  • BPP University Law School developed a course combining independent study with full-time and part-time live coaching workshops. It includes online SQE2 practice workbooks and assessments to familiarise candidates with the format. Consider University of Law for other academic options.
  • Law Training Centre provides flexible SQE2 preparation programs with varying levels of support, access duration, and learning materials. The courses are self-paced and available for enrollment at any time.
  • New Heights Training offers personalised performance coaching for specific practice areas and legal skills, as well as small group interactive masterclasses.  

Additionally, consider creating an SQE account for the latest updates and resources on the qualification process.

SQE prep provider

SQE Courses and SQE Providers Compared: Conclusion

Choosing the right SQE preparation course providers is crucial for your legal career. Research thoroughly and speak to past students for insights. Passing the SQE is just the first step; you'll need to fulfill qualifying work experience. Reputable SQE course providers will not only prepare you for the assessments but also guide you towards starting your legal practice

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